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Recently featured on George Clarkes Amazing Spaces, this architectural masterpiece took three architects and 7 years to complete. Lymm Water Tower is a 19th century, Grade II listed former industrial building, located in the stunning countryside of Cheshire, United Kingdom.

Today, the 140 year old tower stands tall and proudly, boasting the most stunning landscape, scenery and breathtaking rooms with views. Having undergone a major restoration, it has been bravely converted into a magnificent and futuristic family home – step inside and take a look at this truly amazing space…

Lymm Water Tower




Chunky Knits

 chunky chunky1

When the chunky knits are out, it certainly is a seasonal reminder that we are officially heading into the darker and colder winter months ahead. I am a huge fan of all things chunky and knitted,  just love the way knitted soft furnishings can instantly and effortlessly add textural and visual interest to an interior, adding layers of comfort and warmth; be it in the form of cushions or throws or both!

You can shop the style and achieve a similar look…

etsy-arm-knit   etsy

Top left to bottom

Image via Elle decor

Chunky knit blanket –

Floor Cushion –

Handmade Arm Knit throw/cushion etsy shops –

Argo Tea Dubai Experience

My recent visit to Argo tea Dubai – A unique tea experience pushing traditional black tea to new heights.

Naturally, I am drawn to most new concepts associated with tea and coffee, usually, it is the alluring store design concepts that really get me through those doors to explore beyond.

Within a few steps of entering the tea lounge, I was totally mesmerised by the selection of tea brewing in transparent teapots, each beautifully labelled and showcased – it almost felt like it was some scientific experiment in a tea lab! Ordering my usual english breakfast  felt so wrong at this point, and I actually felt guilty.

Feeling ashamed for ordering my usual english breakfast, never had ordering a usual cuppa felt so wrong in this place. So I bravely ordered some unfamiliar cocktail of tea from the menu above (my confused face must have said it all).  The trained artisan tea maker takes me through the company ethos, culture and tea experience, which was much appreciated.

What was really impressive was the fact that you could get a bespoke hot or cold tea prescription according to how you felt on the day or at the time of ordering – just loved the way the trained tea staff took you through the whole tea diagnostics test. With a focus on health and vitality factors, a list of beneficial and key ingredients are suggested to infuse with your tea.  While signature drinks are not everyones cup of tea, a few sips on and it can be an enjoyable experience and an acquired taste.





French inspired bedroom

French inspired bedroom

Colored light
£405 –

Paris bedding
£31 –

Window mirror
£705 –

Storage trunk
£305 –

Mantel clock
£86 –

Dauphine queen bed
£2,530 –

French country furniture
£1,170 –

Pink chair
£200 –

Spanish furniture
£325 –

Cute Thank You Letter…

Just had to share this very sweet thank you note, received from my recent mini client. Working with young clients is such a joy!
Happy weekend!


Paint Colour Selection

When it comes to decorating your home. Do you find selecting the perfect paint colour a challenge? Do you have colour dilemmas? Want to get it right the first time? Read my latest colour article featured in this months Trends Section of the magazine.
Get creative and enjoy!

Colour Psychology for your Home


Spring/Summer 2014 Interior Decor Trends

It’s that time of the year again, yes finally ‘Springtime’ is here! Blooming blossoms and fresh shoots decorate the skylines and add a touch of magic and sparkle in the air.

With longer daylight hours, the bounce in our step is certainly more energetic and full of life. Adios to the long winter nights and hello to the great and glorious British Summer. A perfect time to de-clutter/update those unused or overlooked interiors and outdoor spaces, and show-off this season.

Spring/Summer 2014 runway has inspired a catalogue of varying hues consisting of a cool and calming palette to a myriad of interesting warm tones. A collection of playful pastels almost edible as macaroons, that are so versatile, that can be paired with neutrals, vivid and complimentary hues.

Bright and bold schemes are definitely trending this season, Cobalt/Dazzling blue continues to maintain a firm position, either in collaboration with a white or neutral background – or simply with the incorporation of accents and accessories to create some element of contrast and visual interest.

The revival of the vintage floral is definitely one of my favourite picks this Spring/Summer. Elegant and graceful stylized florals perfect in every respect for this season ahead.

Here’s some inspiration for the upcoming season.